The rise of the modern winter garden

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If we look back on this year of unusual spring and summer 2020, we can remember how many times we have heard from friends and acquaintances “It is not at all easy to be in isolation, but at least we are lucky to have our own garden”.

True, your garden can be your private oasis of peace, nature and relaxation.

Cortina Design pergolas invite you to take advantage of all the comfort and luxury of an outdoor home.

Terrace pergolas are truly a joint created in the sky between indoor and outdoor space.
The versatility of the pergola itself gives you unlimited possibilities, from creating an additional space ideal for outdoor physical activities, to a stylishly decorated place to meet with carefully chosen company.

Outdoor life reinvented

It is no coincidence that the prices of homes with a garden have risen, because the COVID-19 crisis has taught us how to appreciate our gardens more than ever.

When you spend time in the garden you have the opportunity to recharge your batteries and get back in touch with yourself. A moment of relaxation and much-needed peace allows you to forget about all the stresses of a modern lifestyle. Basically, outdoor life is pure enjoyment.

Enjoy the outside surrounded by the luxury and comfort of your terrace

Our pergolas allow you to enjoy the outdoors with the same level of comfort and luxury you are used to indoors. Adjustable grilles on many models provide shelter in all weather conditions.

If you want to feel the sun on your skin, open the bars and be enchanted by the magical light that penetrates the terrace cover. If a summer rain shower appears, close the grilles so that your outdoor furniture stays dry and you stay carefree on the terrace without worry. If you add glass walls or a ZIP system to the pergola, you will be able to use your terrace even in colder or windier weather.

Under the lights of the Cortina Design pergola, protected from the summer heat or the cool autumn wind, you will create the perfect backdrop for your relaxation or socializing with family and friends.

Create wonderful memories with Cortina Design!

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