Are an excellent choice for external sun protection and other external influences.

Besides thermal and acoustic insulation (they act as a climate buffer and energy saver), they also provide partial or complete dimming of the room. Shutters can play a significant role as additional security in the form of burglar protection, while those with built-in mosquito nets will allow you to enjoy indoors seamlessly, preventing mosquitoes, flies and other unwanted insects from entering your home or office area.


We design all types of shutters according to your needs. Our shutters are suitable for any new window construction, as well as existing window frames.

You can find different types of shutters in our portfolio:

  • Pre-window visible shutters
  • Pre-window blinds
  • Over-window blinds
  • Anti-theft shutters
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You can find any of listed above within two price levels, depending on the quality of the lamellae chosen: more affordable PVC or ALU (PU foam filling).

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