Mosquito nets

Tired of flies and mosquitoes disturbing the piece and comfort of your home?

Dreaming of cozy afternoons and quiet nights in your home? We have the perfect solution for you!

Mosquito nets are a simple, functional and environmentally friendly insect repellent solution. They are efficient, perfectly integrated and easy to handle. We offer several types of mosquito models, optimally adapted to different window and door models.

All types of mosquito nets are made according to the dimensions of the given opening. They are constructed out of an ALU profile and a virtually invisible fiberglass mesh.

Chose different styles and color options as per your preferences!


Long lasting solution

Easy to install

Easy to upgrade

Easy to maintain

Made to measure


ROLO is the most common model in use since it can be retrofitted (once the shutters are already installed). This mosquito model rolls into its aluminum box, allowing it to lift the net when not in use. The vertical model is installed in the windows, while the horizontal model is installed in the door.

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The FIXED model is a fixed mosquito net is installed on windows that are not intended for (continuous) opening and is the simplest insect protection solution.

However, it can be disassembled as needed (usually for cleaning purposes).

It is one of the most affordable insect protection solutions available.

Wings / Doors

Intended exclusively for doors or passageways that we wish to protect against mosquitoes or other insects


Provides insect protection only on larger glass surfaces, such as doors to balconies and terrace.

They take up very little space, sliding horizontally across the profile and are very easy to operate.


Distinguished from other models by its ease of use, cleaning and maintenance. It is composed of an ALU profile and a durable pleated mesh mechanism. It is installed in larger areas, such as exit to the balcony. It is distinguished by the possibility of retrofitting between the blinds and windows. Very simple manipulation makes this product suitable for frequently used aisles. Can be installed done horizontally or vertically.

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Mosquito nets that are already built into different blinds and are virtually invisible.

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