The Venetian Blind is a timeless sun protection classic, due to its space-efficiency and durability of its aluminum slats. Easy control of light and shade, as well as its thermal and UV protection make it an all-time favorite.

Internal blinds

(so-called “Venetian blinds”) effectively provide shade, as well as direct sunlight or unwanted views barrier. By simple slats adjustment desired level of illumination/dimming of the room can be achieved. This blinds type does not prevent the heating or cooling of glass surfaces, ie does not provide thermal or sound insulation.


Daylight control

Solar protection

Glare protection

Privacy shield

Cable and large windows

Durable and easy to maintain

Suitable for humid interiors

2 years warranty

Made to measure

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External blinds

Provide thermal protection and protection against adverse weather effects. Due to their energy efficiency, aesthetics and functionality they are quite commonly a favorite shade selection in architecture, contributing to the modern look of office or residential buildings. They are ideally suited to glass facades, large window surfaces, and modern design buildings, installed on the outside front of the window, preventing direct entry of heat/cold into the room. There are different models of blinds as well as different mounting systems, which can be perfectly implemented into the exterior of the building, emphasizing its aesthetics.

A wide range of colors allows you to visually integrate blinds into your desired or pre-existing interior design style. Although resilient and lightweight, the external blinds offer 1st class wind protection, covering a significantly higher wind gust load than eg shutters. In addition to the regular control systems (aluminum stick, chain or string), we also offer push buttons or remote-control operating options.


Thermal & UV protection

Sound insulation


Energy saving

Color fastness

Easy to install

Easy to upgrade

Easy to maintain

Made to measure

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