Often, as a final touch to your interior, curtains make that much difference.

Curtains are an interior shade that needs to be adapted not only to the style of your interior but also to their purpose.

How often do you plan to illuminate the window by moving the curtains, how much light you want, how to maintain them… these are just some of the questions you need to answer while selecting your desired curtain model. We offer more than one


Daylight control

Solar protection

Glare protection

Privacy shield

Space partition

Wide selection of fabrics

Acoustic insulation


Easy to maintain

1 year warranty

Made to measure


NEW CLASSIC innovative curtain style, fitting perfectly to every window style.

Easy to operate (twine, chain or electric motor), remove and set up (wash), with two-way scroll options (up – down / down – up). They combine the design of a classic curtain with the convenience of operating a roll-up system with an elegant and compact design.

Every piece is hand-crafted and custom made from an individual selection of fabrics, offering a unique and distinct style.


Looking for a modern and clean design?

Panel curtains is the best choice for anyone who thinks less is simply more.

Composed out of large panels, custom made to your preferences. They can be moved indefinitely and stacked into series, creating a diverse game of light and shadow. They are used for large windows, balcony doors, glass fronts or visually remodeling spaces. Can be made out of decor, black out or screen fabric.


The Roller Blind is the NEW CLASSIC in the world of Blinds, due to its simplicity and functionality, as well as touch of elegance required in a modern style of decoration. As an interior shade it is suitable for rectangular standard windows as well as large glass facades.

Desired level of illumination of the space can be achieved by selection of fabric.

Roller curtains can be operated manually (chain) and electrically (remote control or push button). They can be mounted on all types of windows and doors.

standard roller blinds

duo roller blind (zebra)

cluster roller blinds

roof curtains

Vertical blinds

This vertical strips system is commonly used in business premises (offices, schools, kindergartens), providing fine control of your space lighting in a few light strokes. Both operating options (chain or electric motor) are very easy to use and maintain. We have different types of fabrics to choose from, according to your desired level of light transmission as well as colors. Fabrics used are anti-static and antibacterial, meaning they do not attract dust and odors and do not require washing.


In addition to the wide range of decorative linens of the renowned SOLTIS and COULISSE brands, we also offer canvases of our own brand CORTINA DESIGN in several different levels of light transmission as well as different colors. Visit our showrooms in Zagreb and Split for selection of your perfect one!

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